Connecting with customers

Each construction project has it’s own unique character, whether it is a hotel, restaurant, commercial space, office, private residence or public environment. Each building embodies a personal charisma where the combination of material, technique and construction provide many exciting and innovative solutions.

Chriz Photography helps architects, construction contractors and real estate agents better communicate the soul and warmth of an object. We also assist companies and organisations to profile themselves on the market with attractive and appealing images by creating a customised presentation that reflects the business with a good first impression and entices customers.

We do thorough and hard work. We do not view photography and image editing as mass production, but prefer quality to quantity. Instead of producing a multitude of average quality pictures in a presentation, we deliver well-produced, precise objects that generate interest and awaken curiosity.

Upon visiting a public environment, commercial space, construction site or a private residence, we not only represent Chriz Photography, but also our client. In order to form a thorough understanding of the image, we stress the importance of keeping an open dialogue between all involved parties. We put focus on architecture, finding the best angles to cover the interesting details. Professional custom photographs convey a fair idea of the dwelling. Sometimes the task can be very time-consuming depending on space, etc.. In some cases, it takes the morning, day and night photography to convey the unique character of the property.

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